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The hope of this site is to be educational and inspirational. I see the Torah as an instruction manual given to us by a benevolent Father in heaven to help us navigate our lives, with stories and examples for us to learn from.
BIBLE = Book of Instruction By which to Live on Earth
FROG = Forever Rely On G-d
Frogs only jump forward not backward. So too must we continue to move forward in our quest for spirituality and contentment.

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My Thoughts 349 A Prayer for Salvation on Passover

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1 week ago
349 My Thoughts A prayer for salvation on Passover. Some thoughts about the situation that we find ourselves in today. A story that may help us to connect to the holiday and to our father in heaven.

My Thoughts 348 A Deeper Understanding of the Tabernacle 7

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2 weeks ago
My Thoughts 348 a deeper understanding of the Tabernacle. This lecture finishes our virtual tour of the Mishkan, with the Kiyor, the " Washbasin." We also discuss the crowns and the silver beams. The Thought ends with a comparison between the creation of the world and the construction of the Mishkan!

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